Sister Style: The Statement Sleeve

June 15, 2017
I’ve been trying to think of fun new things to do on my blog and came up with something good that involves my twin sister! Oh, you didn’t know I was a twin? That’s because I don’t usually go around blurting it out for no reason, haha.


Being a twin has some great perks, one of them being that you always have someone to “borrow” clothes from. Also, as a twin what you wear somehow has more significance. When we were babies, our mom would make us wear the same outfits for added cuteness factor. Then, when we were angsty teens, we had to dress differently so we could prove we were individuals. Now that were “adults” we really wear whatever we want, without even thinking about what the other twin is going to wear. There have been times, like our last birthday party, where we’ve shown up wearing the exact same outfit – totally unplanned! Talk about an eerie twin connection!


So, I’m introducing a new series on my blog where my sister and I show the different (or maybe similar?) ways we wear seasonal trends. First up is our favorite trend for spring – statement sleeves! We didn’t plan our outfits out ahead of time for this blog post. Instead, we agreed on a trend and showed up to see what the other one came up with. I think we were both slightly annoyed that we were wearing similar flared sleeve blouses. But what can you do?

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