Fall Skincare Favorites

October 18, 2016
When it comes to my skin only one thing matters – MOISTURE! My skin is dry, I’m talking dry like a mummy. So when fall shows up bringing its cold windy weather, I have to heavy up on my skin care to avoid looking like some creature that crawled out of a tomb. 

My skin care routine starts with squeaky clean skin. This charcoal soap works wonders to cleanse my skin. It is seriously the only soap I’ve found that can remove all the mascara off my eyelashes while still being very gentle on my skin. 

The second my skin is patted dry I can already start to feel it tighten. I have to jump right into my toners and serums – yes, I use a few. I use a botanical toner to balance and prep my skin. Then I add a few drops of Raw Sauce, its a toner/emulsifier/essence. I don’t even know what the hell that means, I just know it makes my skin feel so hydrated, soft, and dewy. It also smells really good. The last serum I use is a Hyaluronic Acid, which sounds like something really scary to put on your face. However, everyone is raving about the benefits of this stuff. It helps your skin retain moisture so it is soft and supple like the day you were born. 

My last step is to seal everything in with moisturizer. During the day I use Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing lotion. I’ve been using this since I was a tween. It was the first facial moisturizer I’ve ever used and I’ve never felt the need to change it. At night I use something a little bit richer and creamier, Lagom’s deep moisture cream, because my skin can never be too moisturized. It literally soaks product up like a sponge.  

And there you have it – my favorite skin care products for fall! If you’re looking to switch up your skin care routine I highly suggest checking out Peach and Lily, it is hands down my favorite place to shop for beauty and skin products.