Last a few weekends ago my fiance and I went to Palm Spring to check out wedding venues. My mom also came along because she always wants to be very involved in everything. My sister came as well because my mom wanted it to be a “girls trip.” The more the merrier, right?

Day 1 in Palm Spring was an absolute shock to the system! I have never experienced temps over 100 degrees until this trip and let me tell you, it literally feels like baking in an oven. There is no escaping the heat! It’s hot in the shade, it’s hot when the wind blows, its hot at night. Hell, even the pool felt like swimming in warm bath water. 

We spent our first day in Palm Springs seeking refuge in our air conditioned hotel rooms. My mom on the other hand, was determined to play golf since she lugged her golf clubs all the way from Maryland. We dropped her off at the golf course, in the middle of the afternoon, and less than an hour later she called me to say she was on the verge of having a heat stroke and needed to be picked up right now! 

In the evening, we mustered up the courage to walk across the street to the infamous Birba. On all my past trips to Palm Springs the restaurant was booked. Thankfully since no one wants to be in Palm Springs in June, the restaurant was pretty open. The drinks were fantastic and the vibe was perfect.