Swimsuit #2: Acacia lumahai top in foam // Mara Hoffman bottoms (similar)
Swimsuit #3: One Teaspoon eagles shadow bikini top // Acacia bottoms (similar) // For Love and Lemons skirt 

I remember four or five years ago, back when I just started having some disposable income, I took my first “adult” vacation to Maui. Meaning, my parents didn’t pay or book my travel, I did it all by myself because I’m a grown up – haha! Ever since then, I’ve tried to make it out to Maui every year. It is seriously the ideal relaxation destination! Now that I’ve been to Maui several times, I don’t need to worry about exploring the island, hitting up local hot spots, or experiencing everything the island has to offer. This time around my trip itinerary was very simple. Each day went a little something like this: wake up as late as possible, eat, go to the beach, eat, take a nap, eat again. Which is why basically all of my photos were taken on the beach in a swimsuit. By the time I put on some real clothes, it was way past sun down. I don’t need to be wearing clothing on vacation anyways!

Once my brain has fully joined me back in the real world, I’ll share my favorite Maui spots!


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