It finally feels like summer and like a grizzly bear, I am coming out of hibernation. Sorry Netflix, we can’t be best friends anymore. I just can’t lay in bed and binge watch an entire season of Sense8 like I used to. I’ve moved on to bigger, better things. Like paddle boarding, canoeing, day drinking in the park, pretty much anything that involves being out in the sun!  

Of course my new outgoing self needs a new wardrobe to go out in. The entire summer collection from Faithfull the Brand is what I have in mind – lots of color, patterns, breezy silhouettes, and showing off a nice amount of skin. They’re also the boss at making a killer off-the-shoulder piece. Like this one, oh and need this one, this isn’t even off-the-shoulder but I need it too – I could keep doing this all day! 

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