If you ever feel the urge to visit Port Townsend, WA, don’t even bother. Never heard of the place? I’m not surprised. It’s a quiet town on Puget Sound about 2 hours away from Seattle. A couple weeks back I went there with my boyfriend’s family so they could scope out vacation homes in the area. I’m not sure what kind of vacation home they had in mind, but I was thinking something some place warm, near a body of water, and with lots to do nearby. Port Townsend has only one of those things. The body of water, obviously. 

I don’t want to sound like a total bitch, so I will say this. The town has lots of beautiful Victorian homes and buildings. But that’s not enough to keep me coming back every year. You know where I would visit every year? Maui. I wish there was a way to convince my boyfriend’s parents to get a vacation home there!


  • I'm familiar with rural waterfront communities on the East Coast but I've never been to Oregon of Washington. Port Townsend is obviously not a "happening" spot but it looks like it might be a nice place to go sailing or pleasure boating if you brought a small sailboat or outboard along in tow. I suspect there are occasional art fairs during the height of the summer and that the local veggies are good in season. I guess it's best for bringing your entertainment with you. I have to agree that Maui would be a lovely place to have a vacation home. I like the photos you took in Port Townsend. They're pretty.

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