Happy hump day lovers and friends! Today my boyfriend and I officially celebrate our five year anniversary! Although, we already did plenty of celebrating over the weekend during our vacation in Palm Springs. By celebrating, I mean we mostly sat by the pool and drank fruity cocktails. What else is there to do in Palm Springs? That’s a little harsh, there’s actually some fun stuff to do in Palm Springs. Here are few of my favorite, non-pool-related activities from our trip:

Stuffing my face. The food scene in Palm Springs is a lot better than I remember. Or perhaps, eating on a sunny patio makes all food taste better? At any rate, Workshop Kitchen + Bar had some amazing cocktails. I had two rounds of the Matador – tequila with sweet pineapple and spicy serrano chile – and was feeling real good the rest of the night. For food, Copley’s was my absolute favorite. The ambiance was romantic, the food was fresh, and the toffee & date english sticky pudding was so good I could slap myself.        

Acting wild in the west. Pioneer town is a fun little spot about 45 minutes outside of Palm Springs. This ghost town was once a living movie set, the outside served as a location for western films and the inside was open to the public as bowling alleys, motels, etc. Now, it’s a cool place to take photos and practice your best outlaw impersonation. Pappy & Harriets, the local bar, is also a great spot to hear about juicy folklore from back in the day. 

Relaxing at the spa. Of course no vacation would be complete without a trip to the spa. I’m talking massage, sauna, watsu pool, cucumber water, the whole nine yards!

Sound Bath. We didn’t actually get to experience the sound bath at Integratron this time around, as they were closed. But, I did it a few years ago and it was… indescribable. The whole history behind Integratron is fucking insane. It involves extraterrestrial beings, a geomagnetic vortex, and a mysterious death (possibly related to the CIA). Needless to say, if you’re ever in Palm Springs, you have to try it!