Anne Klein walker coat // Cythina Steffe briella knit dress // Zara metallic ankle strap pumps

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending a dear friend’s wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, I got all teary eyed during the vows like I always do. Part of me was emotional over the candid and raw display of emotions between the bride and groom. The other part of me was envious crying out, I want that to be meeee! God, I’m such a bitch. 

On the way home from the wedding I asked my boyfriend, “So, when will we be getting married?” This isn’t the first time I’ve popped the question, far from it. I used to be all sly about it. Every day for like a month, I would leave my computer screen on with my browser window opened to my secret wedding Pinterest board. Just so he would see it every time he walked by my computer. Another time I was trying on wedding dresses — for a photo shoot I was helping with. Wait, did you think I was trying them on for myself? I’m not that crazy! I did however, text my boyfriend a picture of my favorite dress asking if he thought it was pretty and if I should save it for the near future. 

If the idea of proposing to the love of your life, which I obviously am, wasn’t stressful enough. I’m sure my constant pestering is making it ten times worse!