Over Labor Day weekend I attended the largest wedding I have ever been to in Vancouver, BC. Five hundred people were at the reception, FIVE HUNDRED! I only wish I were that popular… 

Anyways, the BF and I decided to make a whole weekend out of it and stay in Vancouver until Monday. It seemed like we would have a nice long weekend to enjoy some sights but after all the wedding festivities, we really only had one day to explore. Here’s how we spent our day in Canada: 
11:30 am // Brunch at The Oakwood. We found this place on yelp – I can only go to a new restaurant if it passes my yelp test. The food was finger lickin’ good! I ordered the open face corn beef sandwich with over easy eggs. I gave half of my sandwich to my sister in exchange for half of her lemon marscapone french toast with blueberry compote. And we washed it all down with coffees and mimosas. Are you drooling yet, because I am!  

1:30 pm // Telus World of Science. It was raining on and off the whole afternoon. So instead of walking around shopping, like I had originally planned, we sought refuge from the rain at the Telus World of Science. Even though the place was crawling with kids, I had so much fun nerding out! The Body Works gallery was definitely my favorite – the sexual education portion in particular. They had a video game where you play a sperm whose mission is to race against all the other sperm to the egg! While we were playing it, a kid wandered up and started asking us all these questions. So awkward. 
3:30 pm // Bike around Stanley Park. Later in the afternoon the sun finally came out and we were able to rent bikes to tour the waterfront. The whole bike ride around Stanley park took us about three hours, with a pit stop for food. If it were a really nice day out I would have loved to spend the whole day at Stanley Park. We could have stopped to take more pictures along the way, spent a few hours at the beach or the salt water pool, and had a nice dinner while watching the sun go down. So romantic!

5:00 pm // Early Dinner at the Tea House. The Tea House is like the only restaurant around once you get halfway through your bike ride. Good thing it’s actually a really nice restaurant with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Bad thing I showed up a sweaty mess! I ordered the seared tuna salad and some tequila drink (make it a double!) which was just what I needed.   
8:00 pm // Richmond Night Market. I’ve heard so much hype about the night markets in Canada that I was super skeptical about checking it out. Things rarely live up to their hype, you know. I probably sound like a grumpy old man but, it was okay. The area was super crowded and the food a little over priced. I got some bubble tea, buffalo flavored rotato, and takoyaki. About one bite into the takoyaki I started to feel really sick. I ate it all anyways and then high tailed it back to the hotel where we got drunk off the mini bar while watching tv. 
Where we stayed: We splurged on the super swanky Fairmont Pacific Rim, which I often confused with the Pan Pacific. Each room comes with an iPad that can control everything from lights, to curtains, to maid service! Also the beds are literally a dream, so fluffy and soft. Also, they have a great rooftop pool/deck area that we didn’t get to enjoy. And the lounge at the lobby was overflowing with people and live bands every night – it must be the place to go. On the downside the place is not all inclusive and they will nickel and dime you every chance they can. Parking cost extra, wi-fi costs extra (in this day and age?!), a cot for your drunk sister who can’t drive home costs extra.