I love a good jumpsuit in the spring, but they are so high maintenance I can’t wear one for more than a few hours. 

Case in point: I wore this outfit for a meeting the other day. Now, I was getting ready by myself and was seriously struggling to zip up the back of the jumpsuit. After getting all frustrated and hot in the face I thought fuck it, I’ll just get my friend to help me later when she comes to pick me up. So I pulled the zipper up as high as I could with the expectation of going directly from my apartment to my friend’s car. Literally as soon as I step outside I hear this guy say, “Hey. You know your thing’s undone in the back.” UGH, seriously?!?! He then insists on zipping me up the rest of the way! So there I was standing on the street corner with a middle aged man yanking up my zipper – which, he struggled with too, btw. 

The gesture was nice, but so awkward and embarrassing! The rest of the day I dreaded using the bathroom because of the whole zipper situation. Next time I wear a jumper like this, I’ll be sure to have a buddy with me at all times.