I’m back with another DIY! But first, let me vent about the last week and a half, because it was insane in the membrane. To start things off, I caught a cold from my bf, who thought he was just having bad allergies – he doesn’t even have allergies BTW. Then work, which is always busy, went all super saiyan on me. Yesterday, I got to work on a fun side project for twelve hours. Somehow, in the midst of all that, the bf and I moved/are still moving into a new apartment. And that brings us to my DIY idea. Because the ONLY good thing about moving is decorating your space!

MATERIALS// concrete planters, painters tape, and spray paint. I also used a laquer finish to make the painted areas ultra glossy, which I though would look nice against the concrete. 

 STEP 1// Tape off the areas you don’t want to get painted. I was kind of in a hurry so I just eyeballed everything, slanting the tape as much or as little as I wanted. 

STEP 2// Spray paint. I used two coats of the gold and green, and three coats of the white, plus one coat of laquer. I waited about ten minutes between coats and 24 hours to completely dry and take the tape off.

Here’s the finished product! Small note about the cheap planters I got from Target. They seep water, as you can see. So I’ll have to get coasters or a tray to catch all the water that slowly trickles out.