For a design junkie like myself, moving into my first real apartment – post college – was the best thing ever. For some reason I find filling my place with stuff insanely satisfying, and two years later I’m still going at it! Now being a young 20-something year old, I’m 1). broke and B). fickle. So I can’t afford to shop at fancy furniture stores like West Elm and I get the urge to change things about every other month. 

My latest and greatest change was to my dining area. I seriously hated my old dining chairs so much, I never wanted to have people over for fear that they would see them and question my taste level and subsequently all my life decisions (people do that, ya know). Anyways, after nearly a year of searching for some affordable dining chairs – preferably white, with fabric cushions, and french inspired – I finally found a great set! 

The chairs are from Marshall’s and at $70 each I didn’t feel that bad painting them white. The table was free from Craigslist which was sanded and stained.