wearing Mural moto vest and leopard skater skirt

wearing Bite pomegranate lipstick and DVF oversized sunglasses

wearing Urban Outfitters hand chain and H&M ring
wearing Nordstrom Savvy moto vest and leopard skirt, Dolce Vita gwendolyn heels
Mural vest // Vintage sweater // Mural skater skirt // DolceVita gwendolyn heels // DVF sunglasses

My boyfriend and I are one lazy ass couple. These things called “dates” and “quality time” that other couples do frequently? We do them like NEVER. So last weekend, we were sitting on the couch, in our pajamas, on our lap tops surfing the web, discussing what kind of veggies we want in our Top Ramen – typical Saturday night stuff, we’re kind of losers. When my boyfriend suddenly remembers he has an old gift certificate to El Gaucho (swank and expensive restaurant) and asks me if I want to go. I turn to him slowly and ask, “you mean… like… a date?” Oh hell ya! Forget that Top Ramen Ima get me some seafood and steak!  

Being in a long term relationship for so long, I feel like I’ve forgotten what it’s like to get all dolled up for a date. It’s kinda fun! I tried a little harder to look good for my man and he tried a little harder to be all romantic and gentlemanly. It was cute 🙂

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